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Testimonials & Case Studies

"Kate has a remarkable ability to help people turn deliberation into deliberate action. Always the one to pose the hard questions and gets individuals and teams to lift their game. She possesses the rare quality that only top flight coaches can claim to have, the power to turn on and up the self-confidence button that enables people to be the best they can be."

Director, UK Retail Bank

"Executive coaching provides me the ability to reach levels of performance faster and more effectively than if I was going it alone. Working with Kate has helped me to focus on a forward-thinking approach to where I invest my time and effort to work more effectively, efficiently thus with far more impact within a changing, growing environment."

CFO, Large Global Engineering Company

"More than just feel-good sessions, they’ve helped me deal with possibly some of the most complex organisational scenarios I’ve had to face in my career."

ExecCo, Large Mining Corporation

"Kate has all the requisite skills of a good coach; thoughtful, emotionally intelligent, perceptive. A warmth that draws you in and makes you comfortable trusting her which allows you to be open and honest with Kate and ultimately with yourself. She has helped me apply a forward-thinking focus to balance the demands of the large group of stakeholders I have to consider, to face reality, lead not just manage and control my destiny; faster and more effectively. As the CFO in a JV developing first of a kind project for a challenging shareholder group while also supporting independent project work for the CFO of a parent company, it truly has been a changing, demanding environment."

CFO, Oil Corporation

"A fabulous team-build - really, really enjoyed it – what made it better was the apprehension of the team prior to the event compared to the feeling during/after the day. The venue was stunning and the coaches were terrific. Would definitely recommend something like this and will certainly be keeping an eye on the rowing during the 2012 Olympics!"

Head of Sales, Global Technology Company

"The sessions that I’ve had with Kate have been a great way for me to air all of the various issues that I’ve been facing inside, and outside, of work. Crucially, Kate hasn’t told me what to do or how to do it but rather she’s asked me the right questions so that I figure out what’s best for me."

Group HR, Large Mining Corporation

"The experience was great and the trainers were amongst the best I have had. The tools we learned were very useful and easy to transfer in the work environment."

Senior Manager, Global Search Company

"One of the most useful team building off-sites I have been to in my life!"

Industry Head, Software Company

"It was a fantastic workshop with wonderful trainers! I have never learnt so much than in these 3 days! I highly recommend it to all!"

Business Development Head, EMEA. Large Technology Co.

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me achieve my goal. Your ideas, motivation and enthusiasm are infectious and I would love to work with you again in the future. As I have told you all along, I respect talent and talented people with a work ethic, you have both these qualities in abundance."

Senior Director, National Sports Association

"I find the coaching really helpful - it makes me think about things that perhaps I don't otherwise want to think about and face. Consequently, I feel better about the things that bite me when I'm not expecting them."

CEO, Software Company

"Thanks for this morning, it is an interesting & useful experience (I wish you'd ask me some easy questions though!)."

CEO, Technology Company

"Thank you sooooooo much for coming in – boy did I feel fired up after you left… and in control!"

MD, Design Agency

"Thanks for this morning, most instructive, there's no doubt it brought some things to the surface for me to work on."

CEO, Software Company

"I am impressed by how you managed to focus/channel my thoughts during our meeting. I am excited about continuing your 'steer' in 2006."

HR Consultant, International Consultancy

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