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The Art of PossibleSet & Reach Your Business Goals

Setting achievable business goals is not a new concept for any of us, reaching them however can sometimes be another matter entirely. But when we seize the opportunity to make progress and take action in the here and now, the results can be extraordinary.
Fresh Business Thinking:

The Art of PossibleMake Your Brain Fit for Real Life

Want to overcome your fears and confidently approach challenges that you once shied away from? Who doesn’t? This mind-opening book uses the latest findings from neuroscience to provide an insight into how the brain works, and enables us overcome those fears.
Dialogue Review:

The Art of PossibleReaching Your Potential

Someone said “Everything is impossible until someone makes it possible”. And history confirms that this indeed is very much the case, there are numerous examples from businesses such as Google, to the achievements of the elite in sport from Roger Bannister’s four-minute mile to the extraordinary serving speed of the likes of Nadal.
Business Matters:

The Art of PossibleBefriending Procrastination

Procrastination is the brain’s way of saying I need more information and developing your ability to get comfortable with discomfort will enable you to make procrastination your friend. It is a crucial skill to master, to set yourself the perfect foundation to achieve your potential.
Running in Heels:

Science, comfort zones and the benefits of setting new goalsScience, Comfort Zones & New Goals

The motivational genre of business books is a crowded space and it’s hard to find a fresh angle. Blending psychology and business coaching techniques with what we know about neuroscience is not a novel approach in itself but executive coach Kate Tojeiro does it well here in a simple yet compelling narrative.
Irish Times:

The Art of PossibleNew Work Habits

The definition of happiness – like success or desire – is different for different people. For some it’s bringing in a big deal, for some it’s a perfectly executed project, a day with no dramas, thanks from a boss, colleague or customer or a laugh with a teammate – it may even be when someone brings in cake!
Company Bug:

The Art of Possible5 New Habits for Work

5 NEW habits you should make to improve your happiness at work. There are numerous ways to find a bit more 'happy' on a daily basis especially when the rewards can be brilliant at many levels.
Male Xtra:

The Art of Possible5 New Habits

5 NEW habits you should make to improve your happiness. What happiness is, like success or desire is different for different people. Feeling fabulous in a sexy dress, a blast on a motorbike, an egg with a runny yolk...
Female First:

The Art of Possible‘Happy Mondays’ Interview

How many times have you found yourself doing the impossible? It doesn't have to be the big things such as a massive sporting achievement or climbing the highest mountain.
Daily Express:

The Art of PossibleThe Art of Possible

A new book, The Art of Possible, has been published to help everyone to understand how the brain works using the latest findings of neuroscience, in order to recognise what is really possible in their everyday life and develop the “can do” attitude required to achieve goals, faster.
Women Mean Business – Book Review:

Reach Your PotentialReach Your Potential

Reaching your potential is about being in a constant state of discomfort. The only reason that we feel uncomfortable is because it is new – nothing more.
Flybe Magazine:

Achieve Business GoalsAchieve Business Goals

How to avoid self-destruction and achieve your business goals - When we are starting up and running our own business there are extraordinary demands on our time. We need to spend time on getting our product right, finding customers, seeking finance, managing staff and dealing with the latest legislation, such as the new auto-enrolment pension laws.
ByteStart.co.uk:

Business leaders can learn a lot from footballClarity and Feedback

Business leaders can learn a lot from football. Football managers tend to have two simple but important rules for getting the best out of their players: clarity of communication and regular feedback.
New Statesman (page 11):

Inspiration or aspiration?Inspiration or Aspiration?

Great leaders concentrate their energies on the things they are good at. They must also inspire others in their organisation to achieve greatness.
BE Business Excellence:

Taking a Close Look at Success Taking a Close Look at Success

We should be looking at a host of leadership styles and harnessing the best from them to create something sustainable, something which can be repeated but which should not become formulaic.
Innovation Management:

Delivering simplicity in the face of complexityDelivering Simplicity in the Face of Complexity

Complexity is often brought about by the development of multi-layered structures in the belief that it is the best way to handle the management responsibilities required in a rapidly developing company.
Management-Issues.com:

Keep it Simple, Stupid!Keep it Simple, Stupid!

Kate Tojeiro examines why businesses make life so difficult - and complicated - for themselves: simplicity brings clarity and with clarity comes greater understanding and thus progress and growth.
Business First Magazine:

Leadership - A Counterintuitive ApproachA Counterintuitive Approach

Instead of battening down the hatches when the going gets tough, smart leaders inspire their employees to find better ways of achieving their objectives.
BE Business Excellence Online:

The Simplicity TheoryThe Simplicity Theory

Many business leaders today admit that their revenues over the last three years have either declined, remained stagnant, or not grown to the levels they had forecast.
Cambridge Business Magazine (page 79):

Complexity is stifling corporate growthComplexity is stifling corporate growth

As human beings, one could be forgiven for thinking we are fixated on complexity. We may be intuitive and often very simply led, but we are also a melting pot of talent, skills and emotions. We love the simplicity of new digital toys such as Apple's iPads, iPods and iPhones, yet we are fascinated by the complexity of these gadgets.
HR Magazine:

The counter-intuitive approachThe counter-intuitive approach

The obvious strategy to survive any downturn is consolidation. Kate Tojeiro, founder of leadership consultancy Xfusion, explains why taking a more progressive approach could be more lucrative.
Business XL:

The art of achieving simplicityThe art of achieving simplicity

Business leaders should consider how they can remove layers of unnecessary complexity within their organisations in order to improve operational processes and benefit from simplicity.
Business Excellence:

Simplifying your businessSimplifying your business

Changing paralysing structures, procedures and processes that exist in modern organisations isn’t easy, but it is essential to improve efficiency, says executive performance coach Kate Tojeiro.
Edge:

Simplifying your businessEnduro Challenge

Just touching £8000 for GOSH and KidsCo , thank you so much to everyone who supported us in word, deed, donation, time and masses of moral support and kind words. It was so hugely appreciated. Without doubt the challenge was one of the toughest, hardest things I’ve ever, ever done! Pushed many boundaries (mentally and physically) and I regularly went out of one comfort zone into another and then out of that too…..and so on and so forth! More...

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