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Executive Coaching

Coaching is now recognised as one of the most powerful elements of business life. As the pressure on executives becomes ever greater in terms of performance and time, many are turning to coaches for support.

Good coaching is motivational and inspirational and helps individuals to deal with immediate challenges as well as helping with planning and achieving medium to long-term goals.

The aim of executive coaching is to:

  • Enhance performance of the individual

  • Improve job satisfaction of the individual

  • Improve working relationships for the individual

  • Empower and motivate them to achieve greater success

An executive coach is an impartial listener, is unbiased, gives objective support and has no distractions or hidden agendas swayed by internal politics. It is often more likely that an executive will open up to an outside source and admit to pressures they might not wish to concede to their peers.

Team and Performance Coaching

Executive Coaching is available to individuals and teams.

The importance of motivation, leadership, team playing and communication skills are essential for effective team performance.

By developing greater understanding and awareness of the team dimension in sport and the individual contribution of each team member and how this learning can be used in the business environment, Xfusion provides bespoke team coaching solutions using some conventional and some less conventional activities. These include exploring emotion through movies, sailing; 54ft racing yacht, DreamWare TM , rowing, tai chi qi gong, psychometrics, 360 degree reviews, amongst others Ė the main aim being to facilitate and inspire change, growth, development and of course success.

Team coaching can either be held at clientís premises or at an off-site location.

Xfusion can improve your business through the following services:

Individual Executive Coaching

We are passionate about enabling Senior People to discover why they are so talented, and to build upon this to excel in their performance. Our skills can also enable them to unleash any unwanted obstacles in order to achieve their goals.

Behavioural Change Programmes

We have a talented team that is experienced in helping senior teams to identify the behaviours required to match their business goals, and to plan and achieve such change. So often in business, changes are made to processes and services without any thought into the associated behaviour required by the people within the organisation to make the change possible. Xfusion can guide clients through a process to set up and own behavioural change to ensure goals are achieved.

Team Formation and Development

A senior team consists of strong and successful people, but they often act as a committee, rather than a unified team. Just think of the possibilities for success if the team were united in their mission and behaviour. Xfusion has many techniques to enable the team to excel by working together more successfully, through identification of shared goals, values and building belief in one another.

Leadership workshops

We have been fortunate to work at several international business schools and with a myriad of senior Managers across many industries. We can therefore draw on this extensive exposure to leadership, and share thoughts, challenges and suggestions. We believe that successful leadership is possible in everyone, as long as they have the internal will to succeed. Have you?

Motivational workshops

Xfusion coaches have worked with Elite Sportsmen, and Successful Leaders, and there are some common behavioural patterns in creating motivation within everyone. We have developed some exercises and learning to enable other people to develop their own motivation, and encourage such behaviour in their teams or organisations.

Lifestyle balance

An ongoing issue with most successful people is creating a good balance in their life. Xfusion can share with you challenges as to how to create a balance that is good for your life in totality, whilst you still continue to be successful at work.


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Performance Coaching - Sailing in the Solent

Sailing in the Solent

Team Formation and Development - Aston Martin experience

Aston Martin experience; Prestonwold Hall

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