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Xfusion is committed to the success of its clients through their people.  Xfusion drives shareholder value through the executive, getting the right people in place and coaching them to peak performance. We have combined skills and expertise in coaching, NLP, questioning, observing and utilize many activities including those we have developed.

Who We Are

Kate Tojeiro

Having built up a string of prestigious FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 clients over the last 15 years, Kate Tojeiro has worked as an executive coach and facilitator with the boards, senior leaders and teams of some of the world’s largest organisations and also some of the most cutting edge, organically-grown start ups.

During that time she has formed a unique and compelling reputation for developing some of the UK’s most illustrious leaders and transforming organisations; bringing tangible business value through building communication, changing perception, encouraging leadership and driving confidence.

Be it launching a new product, creating a new division, unblocking delivery channels, evolving a corporate culture, guiding an acquisition or navigating the pressures accompanied with a first board position, Kate has become synonymous with balancing hard-nosed business decisions with the core principles of self belief and clarity of thought.

A regular fixture on BBC radio and a respected voice across the media, Kate works with leaders, teams and the next generation of rising stars in harnessing talent and building credibility; an intuitive process that lets people and businesses ‘be themselves’ by giving them the framework and the foundation to encourage authenticity and foster the innate confidence needed to simply get ‘out there’ and get things done.

Effective leaders establish values, model behaviour, encourage innovation, nurture and support, reward, make tough decisions and give feedback. Great leaders will set the vision and promote self-leadership in individuals, teams and the wider organisation. It’s a virtuous circle that can only drive stakeholder value upwards and offer unparalleled rewards.

With an ethos built around self awareness, resilience, the power of perception and the need to create vehicles for people and organisations to see things differently, Kate founded the progressive leadership consultancy firm Xfusion, to help her clients enable, encourage and engage.

From one on one coaching sessions and invaluable time spent with leaders in action, through to facilitating board meetings, designing bespoke workshops and working with teams throughout the organisation, there simply cannot be a single, standard approach. The fundamentals remain the same but the delivery is always very different.

After all, the shaping of effective leadership is not a science.

It’s an art.

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‘The Xfusion Associate Network’

To enable us to deliver the greatest impact and expertise with a myriad of large international or small local companies, we are privileged to work with a range of associates that meet our high standards in terms of experience and qualification in their specific field;

Christian Malissard

Since 2000, Christian Malissard has been involved in team motivation, team building, sales performance improvement and executive coaching.

Christian studied for the Bac, followed by two years preparation for the Grandes Ecoles, and a further three years before graduation as an engineer. He has a finance MBA from the Sorbonne University and has spent more than 17 years in various senior international positions within blue chip firms including Sun, EDS, ATT, Unisys and latterly as CEO of Amey plc. .

He was a non-executive director of various early stage and start-up technology companies within the 3i portfolio, the largest European VC. Christian works all over the world has developed long-term relationships with more than 40 companies from the UK, France, continental Europe, the USA and Australia. Christian is bi-lingual French/ English.

Dr Anton Franckeiss

Anton is a highly experienced leadership consultant and business leader, who has worked at the most senior levels both in-house and in consultancy – Anton has more than 28 years’ hands-on experience of consulting and coaching at the most senior levels, delivering change, leadership and talent management initiatives that underpin business growth. His recent clients include General Mills, Ecolab, Rio Tinto, HSBC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bentley Motor Cars, Bombardier and Elsevier. He has supported clients throughout Europe, Canada, Australasia, the Far East, Middle East and most recently, in the US. Anton earned his PhD in OD & Change and his MA in Learning Psychology. He is currently completing Post-Doctoral Studies at the University of British Columbia.

Claire Norman

Claire Norman and is a highly qualified and experienced Performance Coach, with a style that helps to create dynamic and positive environments in order to get people maximising their own performance and potential.

She spent over 15 years in European Corporate life, directing extensive change programmes, setting up national training centres, and internal consultancy groups before moving to independent consultancy and coaching, in 2000. Since then, her enthusiasm has driven her to many sectors, including Media, Sports, Retail, and Finance. Claire has also been working with Academic Institutions, such as Loughborough University and Ashridge Business School, developing programmes that unite both Elite Sports Performers and Senior Executives through leadership and winning strategies.

Claire is a fully qualified Coach with the International Coaching Academy (Distinction, 2001), and a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (Distinction 2007), Time Empowerment Techniques, and Hypnotherapy, with American Pacific University (Distinction 2006).

Rob NashRob Nash has been interested in how people think and experience the world since studying Psychology at Durham University. He put theory into practice over many years, latterly as a Sales Director in the IT industry, where, through leading and getting the best out of people, he was at the fulcrum of dramatic change and 10 fold growth.

A professionally trained Coach, who has studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) under co-creator, Richard Bandler, Rob is also skilled in the application of the DISC personality profiling system. His training expertise covers leadership, sales and core business skills.

Rob’s positive outlook helps him see the best in people, and he believes he can be the catalyst to help them make the powerful, and permanent, changes that they want from their working lives.

Xfusion: Executive Search & Coaching firm operating in the London and Cambridge areas.

"The future is always beginning now." Mark Strand

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